Round Decorative Caps

Round Decorative Capitals and Bases

Decorative capitals provide an opportunity to augment the architectural integrity and beauty of your home. We have a collection of the most popular styles to choose from including Roman Corinthian, Roman Ionic, Temple of the Winds and Scamozzi. Column & Post decorative capitals are load-bearing and made from the same material as the column which means no plugs are required. This ensures a great looking column that is easy to maintain for as long as you own it.

Description: 8" Scamozzi Cap
Prod. #: SC3208 Drawing Install Instructions
Description: 8" Scamozzi Cap Split for Pilaster
Prod. #: SC3208S Drawing
Description: 10" Scamozzi Cap
Prod. #: SC3210 Drawing Install Instructions
Description: 10" Scamozzi Cap Split for Pilaster
Prod. #: SC3210S Drawing
Description: 12" Scamozzi Cap
Prod. #: SC3212 Drawing Install Instructions
Description: 12" Scamozzi Cap Split for Pilaster
Prod. #: SC3212S Drawing
Description: 14" Scamozzi Cap
Prod. #: SC3214 Drawing Install Instructions
Description: 14" Scamozzi Cap Split for Pilaster
Prod. #: SC3214S Drawing
Description: 16" Scamozzi Cap
Prod. #: SC3216 Drawing Install Instructions
Description: 16" Scamozzi Cap Split for Pilaster
Prod. #: SC3216S Drawing
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